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Garlic has been used in the aquarium hobby for a long time, but what it is actually capable of is highly debated among aquarists.

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Sometimes however, the parasite can harbor inside the gills - out of sight.Aquarium Ich Treatment - 15 results from brands Hikari, Kordon, Ruby Reef, products like Kordon Rid-Ich Plus - Aquarium Fish Disease Treatment BULK - 4 Gallons.Treating Ich In A Tank With Scaleless Fish. I started the salt and heat treatment,. medication in a fish tank with scaleless fish, ich treatment on scaleless.

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Most aquarium owners will encounter white spot disease. (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, or Ich).Because of the chemicals used, ich medications cannot be used in aquariums containing invertebrates such as snails and shrimp.

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Behavioral symptoms such as flashing, scratching, twitching and heavy breathing are other indicators of ich.

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Started treatment a few daysago single doseage of kordon ich attck worked cleared up a little then it started to come back so i double dosed today i woke up to find.

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Tiny random scattering of white spots on the surface of the skin or gills of fish, resembling grains of salt.

If your aquarium is not cycled and you start treatment for Ich,.I went away for memorial day weekend and came back and my fish have ich.These comprise dozens of genera and species of fish-infecting species in fresh and salt. that the causes of their deaths are not the Prevent-Ich treatment,.

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